About our company group

As we know, wireless devices and network markets is growing at a phenomenal rate, we are all moving away from wire to a wireless or fibre optical world. As a result residential, commercial and industrial applications are leaving the wires behind and wireless products are appearing everywhere. MISOLIMA, part of the FIKO Software Co., Ltd. and MISOLIMA STUDIOS Ltd., tends to become a leading company group within this exciting market segment as we meet the wireless needs with innovative products for a majority of applications, ranging from GSM, GPS and navigation systems to networking for Home and Office Automation to wireless controls and alarm and monitoring systems.

What in fact MISOLIMA are doing is to give its customers participation into a system that are not only innovative, but in the same time also educational as well as very useful for integration and combination of existing electronic devices and systems that people use in their daily lives.

As for the fact of wireless communication, we all knows the power of GSM and what we can do with it. In the same time we also know what Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless communications are and what it can do for us as more and more technologies around it evolves. Because there is a dozen of other wired and wireless systems, integration is not an easy task, To combine all this into one single protocol system requires a really advanced system.

MISOLIMA's role in all this is to bring to market systems that can easily do the integration between not only wireless and wired systems, but also combine new and old technologies by unite GSM, GPS, vehicle automation, alarm systems, home and office automation, measure and sensor systems into one single data network and protocol system named DOLLx8 or Digital One Line Link.

For MISOLIMA, what's really matters is to introduce to the markets a system that not only has the best performance-to-price ratio, but also where our customers really says it did the intended work for them. One of MISOLIMA's sayings are: "We do what we say we can do, and we can prove that we did it". This is exactly what customers would expect from a well-educated team of dedicated professionals backed with almost 3 decades of business and engineering experience. With operations in Europe, Africa, Asia and New Zealand, our goal is to bring the MISOLIMA brand to your home.

MISOLIMA has base in several countries, and is a fast growing company group within wireless and digital technologies. The company group has since the early 1980's worked in the filed of Multimedia, Serial Network Communication and protocols and more lately within Aviation, In-Vehicle navigation, GPS/GSM-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), display and embedded PC systems, including real-time asset and vehicle tracking, logistics and fleet management.

Its R&D centre has over the years developed some really unique products.

All products are now original developments developed and manufactured under the registered trademark of MISOLIMA.