eDREAM HOMES AND OFFICES with DOLLx8 Embedded Network for Home Automation


  This is the official MISOLIMA website and the above image shows MISOLIMA eSherlock 1800Tx8 a central GSM unit for DOLLx8
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Products from MISOLIMA embedded systems are based on advanced technologies using ATMEL Micro Controller Units (MCUs), some small stamp-size CPU's loaded with embedded software in flash memory that contains RTOS (Real Time Operation System), all data protocols, functions and hardware controls. A MCU works independently from any computer CPU (PC) and each MISOLIMA product has its own RTOS to control and manage multitasking, interrupts, timers and to run the embedded software together with its functions stored inside its own memory. User specific data are stored in internal Compact Flash Memory that stores data even if the device is without power over a longer period of time...